• Четверг, Май 20, 2021

Media Modules v2.4(PL, EM, JF) have been released and are now available for download.

To recap the feature list:

Admin Features
- Multiple servers (Create, Edit, Delete, View Users)
- Select-able Concurrent Streams
- Over stream limit kick
- 4k Trans-coder kick
- Multiple IP Kick
- Concurrent Trans-code Limits
- Server Ban Recovery (Please contact support in the event)

User Features
- Enhanced User Information
- User Select-able Libraries
- Auto User re-invite
- User stream upgrade/download

The setup for all of these modules is the same as our PL Module setup video available in our knowlegebase.

Known Issues

PL Module
- PL Username should be the EMail address registered with the master server. Failure to do so will show the user unlinked from the server in the client area portal. Admins must update the service information Username and Custom Field email to the user's registered email address.
- Concurrent Trans-code Limits. If you want this to be the same as the stream limit, leave the field Empty.

EM/JF Module
- There is no specific guide on setup. Please upload and follow the PL setup guide for most of your setup.
We intend on creating a video guide in the next week. Contact support if you have any questions.
- Password. Initial passwords will be random generated from WHMCS. The user can later log into the Client Area and change their password.