28 Май 2021 Media Module PL v2.5

We have updated the RTR0 PL Module to version 2.5 Change log: added search products custom fields for PL Usernames and PL Email Addresses. added update product field and product to PL Email Address when server/product is verified and Active. added dropdown to multiple IP limit in Products/Module/Config added allow Download & Sync in ...

20 Май 2021 Media Modules v2.4(PL, EM, JF) Updated

Media Modules v2.4(PL, EM, JF) have been released and are now available for download.To recap the feature list:Admin Features- Multiple servers (Create, Edit, Delete, View Users)- Select-able Concurrent Streams- Over stream limit kick- 4k Trans-coder kick- Multiple IP Kick- Concurrent Trans-code Limits- Server Ban Recovery (Please contact support ...

19 Май 2021 PL Module Updates 2.3

Hello all!

We have made significant changes to our plex module over the last few weeks.

There are tons of updates

Stream enforcements
User auto-reinvites
User select-able libraries

Please update your modules for these added features.