29º Jul 2021 Media Modules 2.10

We have just updated our PL Module to 2.10.

Bug Fixes:

  • Transcode limit double check
  • SECURITY: Fixed terminated user revinvite bug.
  • Module speed improvements
  • Updates for the PL Media API

It is recommended that everyone updates to v2.10 to prevent potential customer/service issues.

21º Jul 2021 Media Module PL v2.9

Bug Fixes:

  • 4K Transcode double check
  • Transcode limits disable/selector fix
  • Minor code structure and bug fixes
  • Added serviceID to kick logs

This is the current release available on https://access.rtr0.com

28º May 2021 Media Module PL v2.5

We have updated the RTR0 PL Module to version 2.5 Change log: added search products custom fields for PL Usernames and PL Email Addresses. added update product field and product to PL Email Address when server/product is verified and Active. added dropdown to multiple IP limit in Products/Module/Config added allow Download & Sync in ...

20º May 2021 Media Modules v2.4(PL, EM, JF) Updated

Media Modules v2.4(PL, EM, JF) have been released and are now available for download.To recap the feature list:Admin Features- Multiple servers (Create, Edit, Delete, View Users)- Select-able Concurrent Streams- Over stream limit kick- 4k Trans-coder kick- Multiple IP Kick- Concurrent Trans-code Limits- Server Ban Recovery (Please contact support ...